On 17 and 18 August 2018 Matteo Marino and the Davide Emanuele Zinna were spokesperson for eProInn at Festambiente, an event organized by Legambiente at the Parco della Maremma di Rispescia (GR)

The event, now in its thirtieth edition, has always been a container for the promotion and dissemination of all those realities and initiatives that make the primary objective of protecting the environment and the ecosystem.

Within a marvelous wooded area not far from the center of Grosseto, a real “green” village has been equipped, within which all the possible nuances have been found in which the concept of ecological sensitivity can be declined: from organic food products, to the reuse of waste, obviously passing through the themes of alternative energy and sustainability.

The intervention of eProInn technicians is part of this aspect and they organized a presentation open to visitors to Festambiente where they illustrated the project idea to convert traditional cars into hybrid-solar vehicles.

The presentations took place within a particularly appropriate context: an ecological house, built with particular materials and insulation techniques that allow the conservation of thermal energy and the progressive seasonal savings for air conditioning.

Marino and Zinna set up a conference room in a room in the house with the aid of slides projections and project videos, information material and contacts.

The engineer Marino has developed a presentation of about ten minutes in which he introduced the characteristics of the product, the university context within which it has developed, its technical and innovative specifications and the recognition it has obtained both in terms of financing that is appreciated by the European institutions as well as by representatives of professionals and consumers.

The presentations at the Festambiente event followed one another in a continuous stream with a constant turnover of listeners, very interested both in the technical aspects and in the development of the design process: at the end of each presentation a small debate followed, in which the Marine he answered all the questions and curiosities, very appropriate and competent, of the public.

At the end of the presentations, the Zinna has collected short interviews on hot impressions and feelings that the project had fueled: apart from the appreciation mostly positive, the particular interest of people has focused on the benefits that the kit offers in terms of managing the city’s road network, as access to ZTL zones and advantages in terms of energy savings.

From an analysis of the characteristics of the listeners it has been realized how the problem of the urban viability is particularly felt, above all for the inhabitants of the big cities in which the policies for the reduction of consumption often translate into difficulties of daily management of private vehicles.

The listeners of Festambiente in many cases did not limit themselves to expressing questions, but in some cases they offered some original ideas for reflection, bringing their experiential component into their lively debate: all this testifies to lively and active interest in the project. and its potential.