The HySolarKit project

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The proposal presented by eProInn at regional level is aimed at encouraging and accelerating the industrialization phase of the HySolarKit project.

The proposal is synergistic with a wider project context in the EU context. The HySolarKit project, awarded with the “Seal of Excellence” under the “SME Instrument Phase 2” measure of “Horizon 2020”, is currently carried out by eProInn and an industrial partnership within the European LIFE-SAVE program (LIFE16 ENV / IT / 0004423), funded by the European Commission.

HySolarKit is a system designed and patented by researchers from the University of Salerno, who established the eProInn spin-off company in 2014. The kit allows you to convert a conventional car into an ecological hybrid-solar vehicle, and to be industrialized and marketed at a very limited fraction of the purchase price of a new hybrid or electric vehicle. The kit applies in principle to all vehicles with two-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, which make up about 70% of the vehicles circulating in Europe.

It is a realistic and short-term solution, which meets urgent and pressing problems, felt both by national and EU institutions and by consumers:


  • the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and the related costs;
  • the containment of CO₂ emissions, contributing to Global Warming;
  • the reduction of polluting emissions from combustion products (nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and particulate matter), a cause of important pathologies and causes of smog.


The objectives of the project are technical, strategic and managerial, and include:


  • implementation of an electro-pneumatic servo booster system and activation of the power steering system for electric-only driving conditions;
  • replacement of the electric motors integrated in the rear wheels with latest-generation engines, characterized by smaller axial dimensions and lower noise emissions;
  • study of alternative topologies for the hybridization system, such as replacements of the alternator with a higher power electric motor;
  • filing of patents corresponding to the innovations developed and / or integrations of the innovations in the field of the existing patent, and related international extensions.

The results will be presented on this site.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund