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eProInn: from now on Kyoto Club can also count on us

Decarbonisation and bioeconomy: thanks to a convergence of views and objectives, our start-up joins Kyoto Club, a non-profit Italian organization founded in February 1999, that is committed to promoting the development of environmental and energy sustainability for over twenty years. 

The organization combines enterprises, local administrations and many other institutions united by the desire to contribute to the achievement the Kyoto Protocol targets for reducing polluting emissions.  eProInn is a part of this network to very little. The title of “eco-sustainable start-up”, which allowed the conclusion of the agreement, is due to LIFE-SAVE project (the project for the industrialization of a system to convert conventional cars into hybrid-solar vehicles, with very low costs compared to the purchase of a new hybrid or electric vehicle). 

The project convinced for its innovative capacity and the high potential in terms of reducing environmental impact, proving to be in line with the following aims of the organization:

  • promoting eco-efficiency policies and the use of renewable sources;
  • encouraging the definition of strategies to reduce greenhouse gases in Italian cities;
  • supporting the development of sustainable products and the use of advanced technologies;
  • promoting good practices.

Kyoto Club: all the activities carried out

There are various activities carried out by Kyoto Club to develop these objectives and promote a different approach to the actual energy context over the years: training courses, up-to-date workshops on technological trends and regulatory developments with experts in the field, support for environmental certification processes, preparation of position papers for the different technological and market sectors covered by the association, analysis of the best practices developed by the partners of the organizations.

Among the many names, that of Legambiente. With the latter and Ambiente Italia, Kyoto Club founded AzzeroCO2, a company born to spread the culture of energy efficiency and the use of renewables.

Always in collaboration with Legambiente, Federparchi and Kyoto Club established “Parchi per Kyoto”, an Onlus that has launched 25 reforestation projects focused on sustainability and planted around 74,000 trees, involving 42 national areas until today.

We’re happy to have become a part of this virtuous network. The already high number of actions taken to promote the development of the green and circular economy is expected to grow further, and we’re ready to make our contribution.

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