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SunMotive: “The Sun on Wheels” becomes a startup


In 2011, Professor Gianfranco Rizzo, founder and CEO of eProInn, wrote a book titled “The Sun on Wheels,” where even before eProInn was born, he already wondered about the possibility of integrating photovoltaics into vehicles. If the current model of individual mobility, based on fossil fuel-powered vehicles, is destined to enter a crisis, why not try using solar energy to power cars? “The Sun on Wheels” was born precisely from this question. The answers took a while to arrive and to materialize into something that today feels like a bet we are determined to see through. SunMotive is nothing more than this.

The objectives

The company, founded together with ATS (Mecaprom), our partner in the LIFE-SAVE project, is born with the specific goal of bringing our solution for sustainable mobility to the market: a system that, when installed on conventional vehicles (diesel/petrol), transforms them into hybrid-solar vehicles, with all the advantages that this entails.

The establishment of the startup marks the end of the LIFE-SAVE project and the beginning of a new phase, the last one, which will result in the commercialization of the system.