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The Mitte, the first online newspaper for Italians abroad, has selected eProInn with its HySolarKit project as one of the four most relevant and innovative Italian projects presented at the SMAU in Berlin

The article highlights how the SMAU Berlin edition of the 2018 edition revealed an exciting and lively framework of companies and initiatives, which saw innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, models of economic development and interest in the social impact of each new technology.
Despite the deep difficulties and contradictions that have always crossed it, Italy is a country in which innovation and creativity are in turmoil and some of the most revolutionary ideas for the global future could come from our country.
Among these, the HySolarKit project, initially carried out by eProInn and which currently sees the participation of four Italian industrial partners, continues to attract a deep interest, as evidenced by the funding received by the LIFE program which is accelerating its path to the market.

“eProInn is a spin-off company of the University of Salerno, specialized in research on hybrid solar vehicles, the most representative project of this research is called HySolarKit and allows converting traditional cars into solar hybrids, with the ultimate aim of reducing emissions and at the same time guarantee high-level performance and absolute safety Introducing on the market the possibility of converting an existing vehicle, without having to purchase a new one with very low costs and a considerable drop in consumption, could be a powerful incentive for many drivers. HydroSolarKit is a patented system that can be applied to any front wheel drive vehicle, consisting of two electric motors, integrated into the rear wheels (the car becomes a 4 × 4 hybrid), powered by an additional lithium battery, which can be recharged either from the vehicle itself or with special solar panels mounted on the te and on the hood, or even from the normal electrical network. The idea as a whole is simple enough to be understandable even to those who have no engineering knowledge, and at the same time quite revolutionary to deserve the “Seal of Excellence” of Horizon 2020. “