Remarkable award for university research: the start-up eProInn, a spin-off of the University of Salerno, has been invited invited – Friday 26 July 2019 – to present the LIFE-SAVE project, funded by the European LIFE program, at the “Benessere Italia” Control Room of Palazzo Chigi. The technical-scientific support body to the Presidency of the Council was born with the aim of promoting the attitude to Fair and Sustainable Well-being (BES) to all national and international stakeholders within the Public Administrations with the contribution of entrepreneurial and research world. The invitation bears witness to the considerable interest in the proposal of the ecological reuse of the circulating park carried out by the LIFE-SAVE partners (Mecaprom, eProInn, Solbian, Landi), as a sustainable option for both users and the environment.

L’invito testimonia il notevole interesse verso la proposta di riuso ecologico del parco circolante portata avanti dai partner del progetto LIFE-SAVE (Mecaprom, eProInn, Solbian, Landi), come opzione sostenibile sia per gli utenti che per l’ambiente.