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eProInn has partecipated with great interest and commitmente to the three days of the Borsa della Ricerca 2018 forum, held from 28th to 30th May in the University of Salerno

The 2018 Borsa della Ricerca was promoted by the University of Salerno and Foundation Emblema: its main purpose is to concretely promote technologic transfer and economic support to the research.

Each year, delegates from the corporate and university world (groups, departments, spin offs), but also start-ups and investors (public and private) meet and confront each other by creating new areas of collaboration and deepening. The main objective of tje Forum is to create a real system hub, in support of the innovation and growth of the country system, able to involve as many political and civil institutions as possible and giving evidence of the different potential of the territories.

The importance and purpose of the partecipation of eProInn has been to further legitimise itself as a fruitful example of a path that leads an innovative design idea to become a commercial activity strating from a genesis of a laboratory matrix and teaching.

For this reason our rapresentatives have intervened to illustrate the peculiarities of a project that combines both technical-engineering components of avant-garde and the most modern and fast dynamics of entrepreneurial creation, that shows in a clear and consubstantial way the conceptual matrices of “start-up” and “spin-off” in the academic field.

On 29 May 2018, Matteo Marino and Francesco Tiano, technical managers of the project, carried out a full appointment of one-to-one meetings with companies and investors who decided to evaluate with positivity the aims and developments of the project LIFE-SAVE.

On 30 May, Prof. Ivan Arsie, co-founder of eProInn, showed within a public pitch held in the Great Hall of the University, specifications and characteristics of the project idea to an audience of financials lenders and technicians